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Wellness Period is brought to you by the good folks at Little Symphony. Here you will find a wellness journey inspired by nature, music, and mindfulness.

Explore the blog for evidence-informed strategies and creative work to help you flourish and rouse your sense of adventure. 


Tune into nature with our music, integrating ambient instruments with sounds recorded in nature.

Escape. Relax. Enjoy. 


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while elk island national park quiets down for the night, curl up in a cozy blanket and do the same. relax with the sounds of birds singing themselves to sleep, calm the senses, and prepare for a deep restful night of bliss. shortly after, cicadas will whistle softly and help you close your eyelids.


about us

In 2017, we had the fun idea to record nature sounds from across the globe to help connect people with nature. Since then, our team has grown from two to four, and we have realized our passion for wellbeing. We are an unlikely quartette, with our days devoted to engineering, yoga, public health, and pharmacy - while these professions are spread far and wide, their common ground lives in wellness.

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bryson huculak

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co-founder | musician | visionary

"I have grown up with a love of the outdoors and music. My goal is to share this love with as many people as I can."

peter macfarlane

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co-founder | nature maven | writer

"All the work I do and want to do in the world involves connecting. I connect with others best through music, nature, and ideas, so let's keep sharing in these things"

kendra huculak

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instagrammer | promotions liaison

"Wellness means something different to every person. I love working on a diverse team committed to creating sounds and a space for people to pursue wellness, however that might look for them"

david shoults

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musician | writer | hype man

"My love for music and nature have joined in perfect fashion, giving me the opportunity to pursue wellness with my best friends, for which I am grateful."

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