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Who is Little Symphony?

If a picture says a thousand words, how much does sound say?

The sounds of Peggy's Cove, NS

This is the question that started Little Symphony.

Imagine that you’re standing in a serene forest near a slow moving creek. You see the sunlight cascading through the tree canopy. Water carving paths over every rock. Chickadees lazily chasing each other through the underbrush.

Now imagine the sounds. The rustling of leaves as the wind passes through; the sound of water trickling around the cobble; the gentle chirping calls of the birds. These sounds carry life within them.

British Columbia, Canada

Unlike a photograph, sound is not a single point in time. It is an ever-changing conversation, a dynamic moment that is on the move.

Little Symphony’s mission is to capture these moments from around the world so people can share the moment with us.

Our aim

Roaring waves on the Pacific coastline. Choirs of bugs deep within the Amazon jungle. Waterfalls from the peaks of India. Forest streams pouring off the Rocky mountains. These are some of the natural soundscapes we record.

We combine these sounds with gentle, ambient music to transport our listeners to a state of relaxation. We want to give people a moment of peace. Something reassuring. Something new and something familiar all at once.

Our little team

My name is Bryson, the founder of Little Symphony. I had the idea for Little Symphony back in 2017, though it didn’t feel right to pursue alone. That’s when Peter joined the team and our partnership formed.

Bryson Huculak & Peter Macfarlane

Peter is my childhood best friend and partner in crime throughout the years. He also happens to be an experienced world traveller with a thirst for adventure. Together, we began to record as many sounds as possible to grow our discography.

In September of 2019, mine and Pete's dear friend David joined the team. David now lives in Halifax, NS with the Atlantic Ocean at his doorstep, allowing us to broaden our soundscape potential.

David Shoults

Shortly after, Bryson's older and smarter sister, Kendra joined the team. With her Kendra brought a whole new perspective to the team, and put our sights on new goals.

Kendra Huculak

Our plans moving forward

Recently, the four of us asked ourselves what impact we want to have in the world - as individuals and as a team. And every time we talked about it, the same concept emerged: Wellness.

The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. By day, we devote ourselves to engineering, yoga, public health, and pharmacy. And while these professions share few similarities in practice, their common ground lives in wellness.

Moving forward, we will continue promoting wellness through music, blogging, and visual art. We invite you to join us on our journey.

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