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Mental Health Monday: Our Favourite Study Tips

Back on the study grind? Good habits can improve your academic performance and minimize stress and anxiety. Here are our favourite tips for studying.

September is approaching and with it comes the mark of a new academic term.

Whether you're making the transition from high school to university, it's your first year after a long hiatus, or you're something of a professional student, it can be beneficial to revisit your study habits.

Effective study habits can boost retention of material, improve your time management, and help minimize academic-induced stress and anxiety.

Studying is more than just reading

Studying is the process of using your memory and learning techniques to understand and apply new knowledge. Reading is not studying.

‘Doing' the reading is simply preparing your mind for a new concept. Reading is an important part of pre-study, but you must actively engage in learning to retain the information.

How does one “actively study”?

Here are our favourite ways to facilitate long-term learning and integration of material:

1) Make study guides for each topic. Create your own quiz by formulating questions with complete answers. Try to answer each question without looking at your notes.

2) Become a teacher! Verbalize the information aloud in your own words as if you are teaching the concepts to a class. Bonus points for actually teaching the concept to a friend or classmate.

3) Create concept maps or flow diagrams that summarize the material.

4) Develop symbols or visual cues that represent concepts.

5) Work out problems, explaining the steps, and why they work.

6) Try a new system for note-taking. Research shows that writing notes by hand is more effective than typing notes on a laptop. Rather than taking notes verbatim, actively engage with the material. Summarize concepts, ask key questions, and make connections. We love the Question/Evidence/Conclusion system and Cornell Notes system for active note-taking.

What are your favourite studying techniques you’ve had success with? Let us know in the comments.

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