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How I am Navigating Pregnancy in a Global Pandemic: Part II

by guest writer: Kelsey Huculak

A first-time mom’s experience of pregnancy during the novel COVID-19 outbreak

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Pregnancy in the midst of a global pandemic is something I could not have prepared myself for. The stresses and challenges of the pandemic were seemingly insurmountable as I also tackled growing a human life. Integrating wellness practices into my life has been essential for the wellbeing of myself and my babes.

How I Integrated Wellness Into My Pregnancy:


I have never walked this much in my life! Early into pregnancy, I realized walking was the perfect activity. It encompasses physical and mental health, fresh air and nature, all rolled into one. I am exploring new paths in my city and have found a new interest and hobby. I aim to go on multiple long walks a week, but even if I only have time for a quick one, I feel rejuvenated.


Listening to podcasts is something that my wellness depends upon. Whether it is an escapist Bachelor-related one, a pregnancy one, or just a general life one, they are part of my daily wellness routine. I listen to episodes as I get ready in the morning, cook meals, and every time I drive in my vehicle.

Golfing & Hiking

Doing my two favourite summer activities, golfing and hiking, has been a game-changer for my wellness during pregnancy. Being in the fresh air doing what I love has kept me centered and my cup full. Both of these activities bring me solace, joy, and a link to the outdoors that is extremely grounding.

A Community of Moms

Reaching out to all of my mom-friends during this time has been instrumental in my wellness. Being able to have vulnerable conversations with folks that can relate has been key. I am so grateful for these chats, whether through text from a distance or physically distanced in a backyard.

Mom groups on Facebook have also been a great platform for sharing similar experiences, worries, recommendations, etc., with strangers who share commonalities.

Prenatal Yoga in the Park

When restrictions eased, a local prenatal yoga instructor and certified Douala started offering a prenatal class. This class has completely changed my mindset about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. I leave feeling supported and empowered after every class.


I have always been a huge advocate for therapy for every human being as a regular practice. It is vital to treat our mental health similarly to our physical -- by dedicating time and energy to nurturing it on a regular basis. My therapist is an incredible resource. Every time I leave a session I feel the weight of the world off of my shoulders. I experience an emotional release, and I'm ready to tackle life with rejuvenated confidence and poise.

Looking Forward: The Third Trimester and Beyond

This pregnancy journey is far from over. I reached the 20-week milestone and I know there will be many challenges ahead. What brings me solace and keeps me focused on what's important is feeling my babe moving and growing within me and maintaining my wellness routines. I am practicing affirmations such as, “I am capable. I am strong. My body was made for this.”

Experiencing the miraculous journey of pregnancy is incredible. Doing it while enduring a global pandemic is really challenging. While the world may be facing unprecedented times, women are growing human beings just as they always have, and that is the most empowering feeling possible.

I urge you to check in with any pregnant women in your life and genuinely ask them how they’re doing. That seemingly small question goes a long way.

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